Family Law News

Family Law News

Alimony in Arizona: How It’s Calculated and Enforced

A divorce can be financially challenging if you have been relying on your spouse for upkeep. But, Arizona laws allow you to request alimony or spousal maintenance. But, you need to prove you are eligible to receive alimony. Alimony payments can be during the divorce proceedings, after the divorce decree,...

Determining Child Support in Arizona: Legal Guidelines and Considerations

A divorce or a legal separation significantly changes family circumstances, especially for a couple with children. Parents don’t need the family court to tell them about their responsibilities and how to co-parent. Yet, most divorcing couples can’t agree on child support and child custody issues. Additionally, most divorcing parents are unaware...

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The Differences Between Divorce and Mediation in Family Law

Divorce and mediation represent two distinct paths to resolving marital disputes. In Arizona, both paths typically involve legal representation to ensure that agreements are fair and binding. Understanding the nuances between divorce and mediation can help individuals choose the best approach for their situation. Understanding Divorce Arizona's status as a “no-fault” divorce...

Navigating the Legalities of Divorce and Separation

Audette and Associates has a multi decade long history in Tucson Arizona, helping Arizona residents navigate the mediation and divorce process. Any separation is a process that takes time and effort from all parties involved. Navigating the complexities of a divorce or separation can be one of the most challenging experiences...

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Understanding Child Custody Laws in Arizona

In Arizona, child custody laws recognize two main types: Physical and Legal Custody. Physical Custody pertains to the time a parent spends with their child, which can be classified as sole, primary, or joint. Legal Custody involves a parent's rights to make decisions about their child's health, education, and welfare,...

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Our Story – Liberty, Audette & Associates

OUR STORY In 2017, Pam called Lauren to have coffee. The rest is history… Many that have had the pleasure of knowing Pam personally know her spirit, vitality, and passion. It is rare to see Pam not smiling or offering to help in any way she can. One of the first thing’s...

3 Most Common Reasons For Conflict In Marriage – They aren’t what you think!

Fox News: The three most common reasons for conflict in marriage – They aren’t what you think! If you were to say what you think are the three most common reasons for marital un-bliss, what matters would be thrown into the mix? To see the full article, click the link below.

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