Our Story – Liberty, Audette & Associates

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Our Story – Liberty, Audette & Associates


In 2017, Pam called Lauren to have coffee. The rest is history…

Many that have had the pleasure of knowing Pam personally know her spirit, vitality, and passion. It is rare to see Pam not smiling or offering to help in any way she can. One of the first thing’s Pam ever said to Lauren was: “Try not to be too serious.” Meaning: prioritize a work-life balance, find some laughter, but always use compassion. This is our Pam, in every sense.

Pam quickly drew Lauren under her guidance and mentorship, an act which Lauren will forever be grateful.

As the founding member of our firm, Pam practiced in the area of family law for 36 years. She was both a litigator and mediator. Pam was recognized by the Arizona State Board of Legal Specialization as an expert in family law and was a fellow of the Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. Pam was also listed in the respected peer-review publication, Best Lawyers in America.

Pam retired from the practice of law in 2020. Since then, Lauren has worked to uphold the firm’s practice to the “Liberty” gold-standard.

In 2023, Liberty, Audette & Associates (LAA) was formed with the goal of continuing family law litigation and mediation services in the greater Arizona area. And in March 2023, we welcomed Associate Family Law Attorney, Monali Amin! With Pam’s mentorship in mind, Lauren and Monali are excited for the future of our practice.

Don’t worry! We have not moved. Our office and phone number are associated with over 25 years of family law services, and we aren’t stopping!

We sincerely value Pam’s unwavering support and contributions to the legal community. We cannot thank her enough! Without her none of this would be possible.

Pam wishes she could be with us today, but she has good reason to also celebrate: her daughter is getting married today! Congratulations!

Thank you, Pam, for everything.


Lauren, Monali, Catherine, Christina, Shalisa, Lexi and Sydney

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